Hawkeye SpyCam - Color and Infrared Nature Camera
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Hawkeye SpyCam - Color and Infrared Nature Camera
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New Version Hawkeye SpyCam offers color* and sound!

Observe your bats or birds while they are on the nest or on your feeder! Our Hawkeye Spy Cam comes complete with a color and infrared nature camera, 100 feet of pre-wired cable (connects your TV VCR, or computer), power adapter, cable clamps and complete instructions.

Easy to install, or can be pre-installed when you order a Lone Star Condo or Triple bat house. The camera will also fit most bird or bat houses that have a swing-open side or front. Simply mount the camera in your bird house near a feeder or birdbath. Adjust the focus from 1/8 inch to infinity, then connect the 100 foot cable to your TV or computer using the color-coded video and audio cables. That's it!

Safe for birds and bats and does not interfere with their nesting. One year warranty. Order Now! Makes a great gift.

Why not wireless? With a wireless camera, you have to run a power cable to the camera anyway, and a hundred feet of 110 volt extension cord is not a good idea. Secondly, wireless computer networks, cell phones and other wireless devices may cause interference. Finally, wireless cameras in this price class are of poor quality.

*Because the inside of nest boxes and bat houses are dark and the colors muted, your video colors will be muted as well.

The photo below shows the camera, protective hood, mounting bracket and the 100 foot cable.

Hawkeye Spycam color nature camera